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Llama 3 on Telegram with Internet access (Perplexity)

Unlock the power of Llama 3 AI with Internet access and bring unlimited knowledge to your Telegram conversations

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The smartest conversational AI for your Telegram chats

  • Bring true knowledge to your Telegram chats

    Llama 3 on Telegram has internet access and therefore can bring any knowledge, news and intelligence to your chats

  • Don't waste time reading long articles or watching videos

    Llama 3 on Telegram let you ask question to any url and summarize content from articles and even videos

  • Streamline your messaging

    Llama 3 on Telegram can help quickly in any conversation

  • You programming assistant on Telegram

    Get instant programming help and code suggestions in your chats using CodeLlama

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Frequently asked questions

Doesn't all the AI have internet access?

Most of the AI bots have knowledge until a given date, Llama 3 on Telegram can access internet to get the latest info, therefore you can use it to summarize blog post, ask questions to youtube videos, compare products, read documentations, make news digest etc.

Can I use this bot in a group?

Yes, you can add the bot @llama3_bot to any group and summon it with the command /llama followed by your query.

How do I answer programming questions?

Send /codellama followed by your programming question to get instant help from CodeLlama in groups or directly to the bot.

How do I use this bot in a one-to-one chat?

By using the inline query starting @llama3_bot followed by your query ending with two tildes ~~, for more information send /help to the bot.

Can I talk directly to the bot?

Yes, you can talk to the bot @llama3_bot directly.

What are the pricing options?

All users get 3 messages for free. Then you will have two options: the monthly plan for $7/month or the yearly plan for $70/year.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not 100% delighted with our service.

What models are used by this bot?

This bot defaults to Llama 3 70B Online (from Perplexity) and let you query CodeLlama 70B when specifying /codellama.

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